Pandanda is a MMOG in which you create your own panda avatar and chat with others in the fictional world of Pandanda. The game includes many species and pets such as pandas, dragons, bunnies. The game regularly holds events like the friendship festival and halloween party. Elite membership may also be purchased through real money to acess exclusive features of the game.


Its website was first uploaded on October 20th, 2008, but the actual game was first launched in to its beta on October 31st, 11 days later. The game officially launched in October, 2010, after almost 2 years of beta testing.

On October 28, 2012 Pandanda closed for financial reasons.


Theres a new website called which is Pandanda Private Server, in all its glory.

Custom features such as nameglow, bubblecolor, new items, new parties, etc!

Old features such as:

Pen the Pig, Line Four, Quests - They are all back!

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