The Beta Chill57181 and the Ghost *Ghost is in front of wood*

Ghost of The Big Scoop is a movie by Beta Inc. It will never premiere as the ghost took the footage. Instead we have photos and a book about it.


Chapter 1: The Ghost Gets William McWiggles Edit

Hiding in the Big Scoop was a ghost. His name was Kur... the ghost wasn't evil, but it was a trickster like "Rotom". He slowly went through the door of the counter, and suddenly William McWiggles froze. Why? Because he was possessed by Kur!

He walked outside. Paige noticed him in his t-shirt and got worried. "McWiggles! You need a coat!" she said.

So "McWiggles" started walking.

Eventually he reached the Clothing Co. and talked to Fitch.

Chapter 2: Chill Evades Capture Edit


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