Treehouse Lobby

The Treehouse Lobby before the arrival of Questy Greybeard.

The Treehouse Lobby is a location in Pandanda which pandas can access by using the Map or the door in the Den. Pandas can also access other pandas' open treehouses by using the Pandanda Land Residents List. Zing Ballyhoo can be found here during his visits to Pandanda Land, as well as Questy Greybeard.

Map Accessible Bear HollowEast Market StreetWest Market StreetShady GlenPawthorne ForestTreehouse LobbyThe OrchardDarby FieldFishing HoleCoconut BeachHarvest GroveFarmer Ned's Barn
Walk-To Book NookThe Big ScoopClothing Co.The DenThe Purple DoorPet ShopMisty HillThe ParlourHaunted Hallway

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